What interests me is how democracies can be sustained by the wealthy leaving the masses powerless. While it's true that uprisings such as you mention can happen, in the United States this corruption of democracy goes on and on with no end in sight. The impotence of the left in the Democratic Party is clear and pathetic, completely intimidated by the Pelosi element. A third party cries out to be born.

The secret overall, I think, is to let the masses have stuff without transferring any wealth to them. Let those cheap Chinese imports keep coming. Distraction/entertainment goes a long way to keeping the peace. Private equity and hedge funds can freely raid pools of money from pension and insurance funds which the unknowing public depends upon for emergencies and retirement security. Only general economic collapse would threaten this open looting. Meanwhile income inequality continues its relentless increase.

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The U.S. functions on a system of disbursing disciplines and pleasures. As long as the pleasures are still available the wheels can keep turning.

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