It wasn't just the "Russiagate" that was like a bureaucratic coup. From the press to the FBI (which owned to it partially 6 years later, only to start the BS again as the Biden $10M allegations came out), to minor officials, to random government agencies, even the bloody National Park Service who made public announcements against the POTUS. Not to mention Twitter and Facebook and Apple deplatforming conservatives and removing Trump supporting posts left and right, even shutting down the presidents own account, something unheard off. And we know, now, from the internal communications exposed in the "twitter files", that this was coordinated.

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My fellow American:

This article was referred via Pluribus.

Your premisses are all faulty, particularly with regard to what you call "Russia-gate". Your writing lends support to my hypothesis that the main fault of left-side denizens is a lack of critical thinking due to an insufficient civics education.

I normally do not post anything online, but your self-description as a "skeptical liberal" suggested a possibility for you of a more enlightened future, for "doubt is the handmaiden of truth".


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